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Click here to read a letter of recommendation from Philip Winchcombe Brigadier. late REME
Click here to read a letter of recommendation from Philip Winchcombe Brigadier. late REME

Mr Chris Birch, of Murdoch Asset Management Ltd (MAM), has asked me as a retired Brigadier to write to you as a referee for himself and his firm of Independent Financial Advisers. I am glad to do this, having known Mr Birch for well over 4 years and having had MAM providing my sole financial advice and managing all our investments on behalf of myself and my wife for almost 4 years, and indeed for my two sons.

We have had our investments managed by a number of firms over the years, and especially since retiring in 1986, and in general have changed our advisers every 4 or 5 years, normally more because of less than good administration by the firm than poor investment performance. In the summer of 2006 my wife and I attended a seminar conducted by MAM and we were impressed by the style and content of the presentation, by the handling of questions and discussion following the presentation and then by the follow up action when we discussed how we might proceed. In particular, we felt under no pressure and Mr Birch was never critical of our past advice even although I suspect he might have handled our affairs differently.

Under guidance from Mr Birch we reorganised some of our investments, retaining a good percentage, and set up some trusts in favour of our sons to help with any future liability for Inheritance Tax. We never felt that MAM wished to change anything in order to obtain an increased commission for themselves and Mr Birch has always been very open about charges which might result from any course of action.

MAM is not a large firm but I have also never felt that a larger nationally known firm might provide better advice – indeed, I usually feel that having a smaller firm such as MAM look after our affairs has many advantages. Although I generally make any approach to Mr Birch, at times when he is away his staff handle matters in an extremely competent and pleasant manner and I have every confidence in anyone from MAM with whom I have any dealing on any matter. In particular, the IT staff are very professional and we find it helpful to have constant computer access to our portfolios.

We are nearing the stage where in the past we might have been wondering whether we should be looking elsewhere for financial advice. Suffice to say, we are not looking elsewhere and have no intention of so doing. Having seen something of other firms dealing with service pensons investments I have no hesitation in recommending MAM to you and believe that their approach to all ranks would be entirely appropriate.

Philip Winchcombe Brigadier. late REME

(November 2010)

“This has been the best financial presentation I have attended – all 3 speakers clear and concise” – Mr N Wookey

“Very well presented and clearly understandable” – Mrs M Ham

“All the speakers conducted the seminar in a professional manner. The presentations were clear, straightforward to understand but not without touches of humour” – Mr & Mrs C Cole

“Very informative and pleasing venue” – Mr & Mrs C Johnson

“A superbly organised and presented occasion and I hope to attend future events like this” – Mr TC Gilchrist

“Nice location. Timing and refreshments excellent” – Mr P Dilley

“Presentations were first rate. The wide range of topics covered were explained with clarity and sincerity” –Prefers to remain anonymous

“Good presentations – level of technical detail about right” – Mr NA Wyld

“Interesting – particularly the Trust aspect” – Prefers to remain anonymous

“Concise and informative” – Mr MW Parsons

“Informative and concise. Well organised and well worth attending” – Prefers to remain anonymous

“Very good” – Mr M Howard

“As usual, very well presented and interesting” – Mr D Banks

“Very informative, professional and reassuring. Useful to see the range of skills Murdoch have” – Mrs P Baker

“Very helpful” – Colonel & Mrs TH Holloway

“Excellent … very good presentational skills” – Mr & Mrs PT Williamson

“Informative and well presented” – Mr M Arnold

“Three very clear and succinct presentations” – Mr & Mrs AM Parratt

“Very well presented. Lots of useful information. Clear and understandable with no use of “Jargon”” – Mr & Mrs P Hanks

“Informed presentation – simple explanations of problems” – Mr Bell

“Very good presentations – clear and concise” – Mrs C Glazebrook

“All speakers very clear presentation and understandable…Interesting points on fund managers and their track records” – Prefers to remain anonymous

“Very interesting and the subject was explained clearly” – Prefers to remain anonymous

“Interesting, informative and well presented” – Prefers to remain anonymous

“Very informative and understandable, in spite of the complicated issues” – Prefers to remain anonymous

“Interesting – particularly session on IHT” – Prefers to remain anonymous

“Excellent – clear, concise and very professional” – Prefers to remain anonymous

“Very well organised and most informative. Speakers put over material very clearly and positively” – Prefers to remain anonymous

“Great” – Prefers to remain anonymous

“Well presented. Very nice venue. Much food for thought” – Prefers to remain anonymous

“Excellent up-date” – Prefers to remain anonymous

“The seminar was well presented and informative, in pleasant surroundings with a tasty lunch” – Prefers to remain anonymous

“Very good” – Prefers to remain anonymous

“Comprehensive and understandable. Thank you” – Prefers to remain anonymous

“Interesting and informative. Thank you” – Prefers to remain anonymous

“Excellent” – Prefers to remain anonymous

“Always interesting to learn of up to date features, e.g. tax changes, etc” – Prefers to remain anonymous

“Very interesting” – Prefers to remain anonymous

“Very informative. Pleasant venue. Good way of communicating with your clients” – Prefers to remain anonymous

“I wished to hear more about Inheritance Tax planning and found that session very helpful. I should like to pursue my interest further” – Prefers to remain anonymous

“Excellent venue. Concise and valid presentation” – Prefers to remain anonymous

“Useful” – Prefers to remain anonymous

“Useful. The more detailed info about fund managers was interesting as was the “alternatives” such as infrastructure” – Prefers to remain anonymous

“Excellent – very informative” – Prefers to remain anonymous

“Well structured, good presentations. A useful way for me to think about our investments, get information about IHT and meet the team. Thank you” – Prefers to remain anonymous

“I enjoyed it very much. We are glad we came” – Prefers to remain anonymous