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Duncan Mar 7th, 2021

Chris Birch

With much of his time spent advising clients, Chris oversees the smooth running of the business. He also chairs our …

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Duncan Mar 7th, 2021

Derek White

Derek is a Chartered Financial Planner with specialist qualifications in taxation, trusts, pensions and retirement options. With a modest, self-effacing …

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Duncan Mar 7th, 2021

Tony Dunne

Specialising in investment, inheritance tax and retirement planning, Tony helps clients maximise their income and investment returns, and minimise all …

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Duncan Mar 7th, 2021

Phil Hunt

Phil oversees the recommendation documents that we produce for clients and is responsible for monitoring all of our activities to …

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adminSarah Mar 7th, 2021

Branimir Gavrilovic

Branimir’s particular expertise lies in pension and retirement planning, investments, inheritance tax and long term care planning, trustee investments and …

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adminSarah Mar 7th, 2021

Richard Sutcliffe

As Senior Financial Adviser, Richard has specific expertise in investments, inheritance tax advice, pension and retirement planning as well as …

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Duncan Mar 7th, 2021

Justin Bennett

Justin is part of our Financial Planning team. He is responsible for the production of client reports and providing technical …

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Duncan Mar 7th, 2021

Austen Robilliard

Austen, who joined us in 2007, is our Investment Director. He manages our Investment team and is responsible for the …

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Duncan Mar 7th, 2021

Victoria Montacute

As Head of Business Development, Victoria is responsible for advising new and existing clients on all aspects of investment management …

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Duncan Mar 7th, 2021

Justine Coates

Justine is responsible for our accounts department. Justine began her career within private practice accountancy firms encompassing statutory accounts, taxation, …

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