Manager News – June 2019

Woodford Investment Management:

On 3rd June 2019, Neil Woodford suspended his flagship fund (the LF Woodford Equity Income fund) as he was unable to meet redemption requests due to the high level of unlisted illiquid stocks in the portfolio.  This suspension will last a minimum of 28 days, although it is expected to remain closed for longer than this, during which time Woodford can re-position the portfolio and sell all unlisted holdings.


Blue Whale Capital:

Robert Lloyd, who co-managed the Blue Whale Growth fund alongside Stephen Yiu, left the company in February and has since taken up a post with Crake Asset Management as partner.  Yiu remains lead manager on the fund alongside three other people on the investment team.


Jupiter Asset Management:

Darren Starr, who joined the firm in April 2018 from UBS to develop the Jupiter US Equity Long Short fund has left the business.  The fund itself is also being closed as it failed to generate positive returns in either volatile or benign market conditions, while it had attracted little investor interest.