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June 2022 newsletter

In this issue, we look at how you can generate income from your investments, Five ways to keep your money safe to avoid investor fraud and a spotlight on Terry Smith, one of the Fundsmith Equity Fund Managers who’ve demonstrated consistent outperformance of their peer group over time.

February 2022 newsletter

In this issue we take a look at when it’s a good idea to review your finances and check your portfolio is still working for you. We talk you through what clients can expect from logging in to MurdochView and provide an update on the changes to paying for adult social care.

October 2021 newsletter

In this issue, we ask, ‘What does good financial advice look like?’ and provide you with ten questions to ask a prospective financial adviser. We also look at how much it costs to fund a comfortable retirement and are delighted to announce that we’ve won another award.

June 2021 newsletter

This newsletter celebrates our 30th birthday. Jim Murdoch, founder of Murdoch Asset Management, talks about what the company and the staff mean to him. We look back at the past thirty years and how we went from one man's vision to an award-winning company and focus the spotlight on our longest serving and newest members of staff.

February 2021 newsletter

In the first edition of 2021, we take a look at making the most of your allowances before the tax year ends, discuss how much rainy day cash is enough and outline your options when it comes to paying care home fees.

November 2020 newsletter

Our head of investments, Austen Robilliard, has been named winner of the European Fund Selector of the Year at this year’s prestigious International Investment Awards.

May 2020 newsletter

It is vital that we keep our regular reviews with you going to ensure you understand what is going on and agree any adjustments to your portfolio to meet your immediate and longer-term needs. Your tolerance for risk may well be tested at present and we will ask you each year to help us assess and discuss this.

September 2019 newsletter

This edition includes a business perspective on Brexit and insight into Neil Woodford’s suspended Equity Income fund. We also home in on key planning tools for minimising IHT liability, help you cut down on paperwork management and give you tips for spotting investment scams.

November 2018 newsletter

In this issue we review markets around the world and what’s influencing them, put a key investment trend into perspective, and take a look at giving grandchildren a financial helping hand. We also shine a light on how we support you behind the scenes, and give insight into one of our longest-standing fund managers.

June 2018 newsletter

This edition includes an overview of the markets and the key influencers, a look at the investment arena, and insight into one of our fund managers. We also outline a new IHT tax break and how you can benefit, and give you some useful pointers on investment ISAs, Power of Attorney fees and making the most of our services.

March 2017 newsletter

With the new pension rules now in force, this month we weigh up the market picture post Brexit vote and Trump win, and what it means for our investors, and we outline the asset and fund changes and moves we’ve made during 2016. We also shine a fresh light on ethical investing, look at the family-wide benefits of Junior ISAs and help you reduce your taxes for 2016/17.

February 2016 newsletter

This edition includes our view of the market and how we’ve performed; details of upcoming new inheritance tax rules and what we think of them; and a look at one of our strongest fund managers. We also highlight how we can help with funds outside of our normal care and bring you news of asset changes.

June 2015 newsletter

With the new pension rules now in force, this issue focuses on what they mean for you: how they could affect you, the choices you have and where you should tread carefully. We also look at the relationship between the UK’s political landscape and the market, and bring you a round up of sector news.

January 2015 newsletter

This month includes stories on big changes to pension death taxes and intestacy rules; new tax breaks for surviving spouses and civil partners; an option for inheritance tax exemption; and the Government’s new Pensioner Income Bonds. We also look at the ups and downs of the market, bring you fund manager news and outline our new guides.

September 2014 newsletter

In this issue we look at rising employment and its impact on the market, and we give our views on predictions for interest rate rises. We also explain HMRC’s introduction of tax increases for multiple discretionary trusts and look at how changes to IHT rates can mean a significant benefit for good causes.

June 2014 newsletter

In this issue we look at the East-West performance divide and the slide in gold and commodities. We also round up fund manager news, including on the highly rated Neil Woodford. Topics in the spotlight are the impact of the Government’s pensions changes; funding care in later life without impacting on next generations; and reducing Inheritance Tax liability.

January 2014 newsletter

This month we look at how the West has out-performed the East, whilst gold and commodities have suffered. There is news on Neil Woodford’s replacement and the fund manager universe. Preparing for loss of mental capacity is covered, as is seeking the right kind of income, ‘clean’ share classes and who to speak to if you have a problem.

September 2013 newsletter

We look at the market over the last months and the move away from emerging markets; pension tax relief and how Premium Bonds can fare. There is a final (we hope) update on care costs and the importance of re-investing dividends. Also an update on fund manager news and a reminder of how to register for your online portfolio valuations.

June 2013 newsletter

We look at the 2013 Budget and what it may mean for you. We also explain the rationale for changing funds and what difference this has made. There is an update on key fund manager changes and our independence when it comes to placing your funds.

March 2013 newsletter

We look at the Pension Simplifi cation rule – hardly simple in our view. We also try to explain the Care Funding reform, which is another area needing careful consideration when planning. Plus frequently asked questions on Trusts and an update on fund manager Neil Woodford.

November 2012 newsletter

We deal with the tricky subject of Will writing and protecting your assets with trusts. The scale of underperformance in the UK All Companies sector is exposed and there are some tax saving tips too.

August 2012 newsletter

Inside, we explain the ways inheritance tax can be reduced and how Murdoch are exceeding new stringent codes of conduct.