Investment Performance Webinar | Murdoch Asset Management

Thursday 13th August

10am and 2pm

55 minutes with live Q&A

Knowing that up to 40% of a total estate can be lost to inheritance tax, putting measures in place to reduce your estate’s liability undoubtedly makes sense. But with a multitude of rules and complexities to navigate and apply, getting things right can be extremely challenging.

And, if these volatile markets have made you more concerned than ever about the need to effectively judge the real long-term value of your investments and the quality of the advice you’ve been given, then this webinar is for you.

In our free webinar, our speakers will explain:

  • Seven ways you can save inheritance tax immediately
  • Four assets that will be excluded from your estate in two years
  • Four legitimate long-term strategies to help keep control, retain access and maximise your legacy
  • How to tackle poor performance, excess charges and lacklustre management
  • Five alternatives to the building society to boost your income


You will also be given the opportunity to have your questions answered during a live Q and A.

Please note, this event is suitable for those with £100K+ in investable assets.


Experts you’ll hear from:

Chris Birch
managing director and chartered financial planner
Derek White
director and chartered financial planner
Tony Dunne
director and chartered financial planner

Plus, following the event, you can take advantage of the exclusive attendee benefits, including:

A no-obligation investment review

A one hour consultation with one of the speakers to discuss estate planning, results of investment review or any other financial matter

Murdoch Asset Management Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. We are entered on the FCA Register No 152885. You should be aware that advice in relation to tax planning and trusts is not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. The FCA does not regulate tax and will planning.

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