Investment Management

Murdoch Investment Management

Well thought out and tightly managed

We aim to maximise our clients’ returns by implementing a clearly thought out and carefully balanced portfolio that fits perfectly with personal needs as well as appetite for risk. We ensure that investments are with funds that have the best managers, monitor every investment meticulously and keep our clients well informed.

The chart to the right shows the difference between the worst and best performing funds available to an investor in the UK All Companies sector over a period of five years.

m-a-m murdoch-asset-management fe analytics jan-2022

Responsible choices

We do more research than most before we select and recommend investment funds, and with all our analysts in-house, our choices are always completely impartial and free of outside influences.

Normally a feature of large firms such as stockbrokers, we have an investment committee that assesses funds and approves selection. Experience has taught us that the success of an investment fund is almost entirely determined by individual fund managers, as it’s the quality of their management that dictates returns. The committee’s decisions are therefore based on both scrupulous analysis and our principles for selecting fund managers: good past performance, consistently sound and rational processes, and high qualifications.

Daily updates

Making sure that our clients are kept fully and continually informed is part and parcel of our service. We provide each one with a secure and confidential area on our website, where we post a wealth of reports on their investments. These include daily updated valuations, quarterly reports, past performance reports and performance comparisons.

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For more information about us, download our company brochure here.