Safeguarding your children’s inheritance

Up to 40% of a total estate can be lost to inheritance tax, so putting measures in place to reduce your children’s liability undoubtedly makes sense. But with a multitude of rules and complexities to navigate and apply, getting things right can be extremely challenging. We’ll clarify all the options, explain our recommendations and how they benefit you and your family, put agreed plans into efficient action and keep everything carefully and continually reviewed and monitored.

Protecting everyone’s interests

Measures for mitigating inheritance tax, including giving money to your descendants now and gifting it into a trust, can leave you with less money than you currently need or may want in the future. Our focus is therefore on looking after you as well as those you leave behind, with astute combinations of trust types and sound investment helping to protect assets, but without you losing all control and access.

We also make sure that measures continue to be in everyone’s best interests in light of legislation or rule changes, such as the new Residence Nil Rate Band.

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