Company Brochures

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Company brochure

Established in 1991, we help private investors improve their financial position and achieve better investment returns through a rare combination of first class professional services.

Inheritance tax brochure

Inheritance tax is a tax that your children, or those inheriting your estate, will have to pay on the value of your net worldwide assets once your personal exemption and any other reliefs that apply have been deducted.

Investment review brochure

Research shows that over the last five years, an astounding 55% of funds by value have underperformed the average fund.

Pensions & retirement brochure

With the cost of living pushing ever upwards, ensuring adequate income for your retirement has never been more important.

Funding long term care brochure

The financial and legal challenges surrounding moving to a care home can be daunting. Our practical guide demystifies the issues and gives you a clearer way forward.

Wills and Trusts

Conserving, protecting, tax planning and nil rate band planning

Ethical Investing Brochure

Profitability and ethics in harmony Through astute fund selection and monitoring, we make sure of a healthy balance between investment returns and social, ethical and environmental responsibility.