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We help private clients strengthen their financial position and enjoy better investment returns through far-reaching professional services that are a rarity within a single company. Our first-rate expertise along with warm, personal relationships make a tangible and lasting difference for our clients. We look forward to doing the same for you.

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The difference between the worst performing funds and the best is astounding

murdoch asset management worst and best performing funds 1-2022

Investors beware: all investments are not the same

They differ in risk, volatility and objective, making them potentially unsuitable for your needs. The graphs above show the difference in performance between the best and worst funds in the UK All Companies Sector over just five years. But don’t invest on the basis of the graph … this is not advice.

It is unwise to buy investments based on past performance – it isn’t a guide to future performance; fund managers take very different investment approaches, and the capital value of investments and the income generated can fall as well as rise. Expert advice should always be sought to best match your investment goals and needs, your tolerance for loss in the short term – understanding the real risks involved – and choose appropriate investments.

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